Welcome to the goon's keep, minion.

We're a TTT community built on experienced players and enjoyable vanilla-esque TTT gameplay.

Click here to connect to the server, or type connect ttt.goon.haus in the Garry's Mod console.


It's worth mentioning our staff's word on-server is final, as we aren't going to write up a legal document for folks to read. Generally, punishments are always up to staff discretion.

Gameplay Rules

Social Conduct

User Ranks

Ranks are time-based and given by how long you've played on the server. You can how long you've played via the utime addon.

Only staff members have colored names - anyone without it is not a staff member! All staff members can be viewed in the Staff tab.

If you feel that any of the staff are abusing their power, or if you've otherwise had issues, contact stev#0001, @youtune3#5788, or amber#9666 on discord.


The majority of our addons can be found on the Steam Workshop.

The up-to-date Steam Workshop collection can be found here: Goons Keep TTT Collection

Below is a table of workshop addons with author(s) credited.

Link Author(s)
ULX Team Ulysses
ULib Team Ulysses
UTime Team Ulysses
UTime Autopromote Bite That Apple
MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting MiRe
Gravity Gun amber and Mka0207
SprayMon Fy-e
CS:S Checker SweptThrone
!GetTraitor Chat Command Exho
Player Info/Role Counter Zaratusa
Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands Bender180
Decapitation Mka0207
Gun Holster St. Addi
AUG (CS:S) Zaratusa
Famas (CS:S) Zaratusa
Gatdl (CS:S) Zaratusa
MP5 (CS:S) Zaratusa
SG552 (CS:S) Zaratusa
M4 SLAM (Tripmine + Remote C4) Zaratusa
Jihad Bomb (Charred Corpse) Zaratusa
Traitor AK47 (CS:S) Zaratusa
Traitor Silenced M4A1 (CS:S) Zaratusa
Mine Turtle (Proximity Mine) Zaratusa
Lucky Horseshoe ("Iron Boots", Passive Perk) Zaratusa
Rollermine Traitor Weapon Badger
Advanced Disguiser ("Identity Theft") ✪ Killberty
Defibrillator Willox
Banana Bomb Bocciardotdght
Riotshield Oladin
The Tagging Device SweptThrone
Detective P90 (CS:S) Zaratusa
Binoculars Model Exho
ULX Godhand Monkeynaut

Staff List

The owners and operators are responsible for the server overall. If you've experienced any gamebreaking issues or bugs, or if you have suggestions, feel free to contact them (we dont bite).

If you feel that any of the staff are abusing their power, or if you've otherwise had issues, contact Steven, Amber, or Youtune.

Staff applications are currently closed.

Name Position Steam
Steven Owner Link stev#0001
amber Operator (Dev) Link amber#9666
youtune3 Operator Link youtune3#5111
GrimJack Admin Link GrimJack#3364
DangerFist Admin Link DangerFist#4873
BOT boyjam123 Moderator Link BOT boyjam123#8137
dee Officer Link dee#1884
MaliciouzMango Officer Link Maliciouz Mango#0603

A special thanks to ogrewarrior for doing many of the graphics on this site; it wouldn't have looked this good without his work.